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The best sports betting odds for Finnish bettors

A lot of people have a misconception of how bookmakers make money.  Many think that bookmakers make money when you lose and the bookies lose money when you win.  This is not how it works.  To understand, think of the whole picture for the sportsbook.  They accept bets on all potential outcomes of a given event.  Their goal is to make a little bit of money on every event, no matter the outcome of that event.

For this to happen, each betting site sets their odds with a profit margin built in.  As money is bet on a given event, the betting site will then adjust their odds to balance their potential liabilities. These two concepts of odds margin and changing odds are what really affect the ability to get the highest odds for your bets of interest from Finland.  Betting sites that operate with a lower odds margin tend to offer higher odds on average over time.  However, depending on the how the odds might have to change at individual sites to cover their own unique liability situation, almost any given betting site could have the top odds for your particular bet of interest.

This is why you may wish to use an odds comparison site like in order to find the top-paying odds for your bets of interest.  This is particularly helpful for combination or system bets where odds for several potential outcomes are multiplied together.  Outright winner odds can also have significant difference in potential value, so comparing odds can make real sense here as well.  No matter how you look to proceed, know that all the sites below look to offer competitive odds. Find helpful links to odds comparisons for your favourite leagues, lower down the page.

Outright Winner Odds

An outright winner is the winner of a given league or tournament.  The outright winner betting market is the single market that can have the highest variation in odds pricing between betting sites.   This is especially the case when you are considering a potential outright winner that is not the heavy favourite.

Potential payouts can differ, by as much as 50% or more depending on the teams or players involved.  Given such significant differences in potential payouts and the length of time you may need to wait for your bet to potentially payout, it makes a lot of sense to compare outright winner odds before you make your bet.


Imagine you wanted to bet on AS Monaco to win Ligue 1 outright at the start of the 2016/17 season.  PSG would have been the heaviest favourites.  Let’s say Monaco was 9 to 1 at your sportsbook, but another bookie had Monaco at 12 to 1.  That’s only 33% better, but on a bet of 25¤, the potential profit is 225¤ versus $300¤.  

That’s 75¤ extra on a potential payout for nothing more than having another betting account.  Imagine if you are betting more, or your potential differences are even higher.  

This is why comparing odds is so useful.  Creating and funding accounts could not be easier than it currently is.  Don’t leave your higher potential payouts on the table.

How betting sites make money: their odds margins

In business, earnings come through profit margins.  It is the same for sports betting sites.  Odds margins are usually set anywhere between 2% and 10% depending on the sport, the betting site and the betting market (1X2 match betting, Totals, Handicap etc).  Here is how odds margins work for a simple calculation for a typical football match with 1X2 match betting.

[(1/Decimal Odds Home)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds Draw)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds Away Win)*100 ] - 1= margin

HJK - 1.80      Draw - 3.50    Inter Turku - 4.10

[(1 / 1.80) * 100 + (1 / 3.50) * 100 + (1 / 4.10) * 100] -1 = 8.51% in margin.

When you play with a single betting site, you must play with the odds that they provide and these odds are based on their own ‘book’.  The ‘book’ is the collection of all the bets that have been placed by their customers, plus the kind of profit they want to extract from all bets on that event.  In the end, your opinion on the game is at the mercy of their odds and their margins.  With this kind of profit margin above, you would need to win a significant number of your bets over time to maintain profitability.

When you use an odds comparison tool like, where you get a chance to get the best odds for your opinions, your best available odds might look like this:

HJK - 1.85     Draw - 3.70     Inter Turku - 4.50

[(1 / 1.85) * 100 + (1 / 3.70) * 100 + (1 / 4.50) * 100] = 3.3% odds margin.

By comparing odds in the example above, your available odds margins came down over five full percentage points from over 8.5% to 3.3% for a single event bet.  When this kind of improvement is applied to your overall betting patterns, you have more margin for error toward staying profitable.

Combination and Multiples betting odds

If you really like combination bets or multiples betting, then you certainly need to look at OddsJet.  Look at the kinds of benefits you saw above for single match betting results.  Imagine you then multiply those advantages by four, five, six or seven matches, or even multiples where we are talking about several combination bets.  Potential payouts between reputable betting sites can range as high as 50%.  Imagine that, 50%!  Your bets are the same, but some companies are willing to pay you 50% more on a potential win.  

When you consider this kind of disparity in potential payouts, why would you even worry about a free bet offer or a deposit bonus offer.  What do those promotions matter if a betting site is ready to pay $1,500 rather than $1,000 on your combination bet?  Take the value where it’s offered, visit OddsJet before you bet.

Finland betting sites that offer highly competitive odds

Finland Sports Betting Issues


Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface in Finnish and English with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top bookmakers, they also offer a cash out feature.  Betway are a great choice for Finland bettors.  Read the Betway Finland review.


BetHard is somewhat unique in that they aim to offer very high odds and offer a welcome bonus.  Most sites choose to try and offer one or the other.  Finland is one of a few key markets for BetHard, so you’ll find Finnish language version and friendly banking methods  Read the BetHard Finland review


Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting.  Find their site in Finnish and English with superior Ice Hockey coverage, even of minor leagues.  If you would like a breadth of sports, not just football, Unibet must be considered heavily.  Read the Unibet Finland review.