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Finland Sports Betting Bonuses

Most online sportsbook companies offer some variation of a bonus in order to entice customers to sign up.  There are two main types of bonuses that I will outline here and that apply to the bonuses on offer with my recommended sites.  They are Free Bet Bonuses and Deposit Bonuses.  Let’s look at these in more detail so that you understand the differences, benefits, requirements and limitations.

The Deposit Bonus. This bonus offer tends to be for more money but with the most conditions to satisfy:

First, you need to understand that deposit bonuses are structured to reward your extended play with these sites.  In other words, the cash rewards that are advertised are not available for you to withdraw as soon as you deposit your stake money.  This would put the companies at risk of having people immediately withdrawing both their stake money deposit and the newly attributed bonus cash.  

Instead, each site sets “play through” or “rollover” requirements where you must place wagers for the value of the deposit and/or bonus value several times over in order to be eligible to withdraw the bonus as cash.  These play through, or rollover requirements are different for each site.  Note that the sportsbook rollover requirements don’t require you to lose your deposit, you just need to play with it.  The bonus rewards your continued play, not necessarily your profits or losses.  

The Free Bet Bonus.  This bonus offer tends to be for less money but is easier to achieve with less conditions.

Free bets require far less from you in terms of continued, extended play.  For a free bet, you will make a deposit and will get promo cash credit with which you will make a free wager.  With a free bet, your potential monetary gain comes when you win your free bet.  When this is the case, your account will be credited from the profit from the free bet, over and above the promo cash stake.  The free bet stake amount returns to the sportsbook.  There will be some rollover requirements to satisfy before being able to withdraw your bonus as cash, but this is less when compared with the deposit bonuses.  

Finland Sports Betting Issues

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Finland Betting Sites with New Customer Offers

Rules Regarding Sports Betting Bonus Offers

Above, I write about the requirements toward achieving the bonus legitimately.  The point you should remember is that these bonuses are all meant for first time customers with each company.  If you already hold an account with any of these online sportsbooks, you should not try to establish duplicate accounts.  In fact, each sportsbook has expressed in their terms and conditions that bonuses are only for new customers and that any bonuses given to duplicate accounts may be withdrawn.  

All sites have several cross-checking methods to ensure that bonuses are only given once, including IP address, funding ID number, email address, postal address etc.  Given this, it is best not to tempt fate with a duplicate account.  If you are dead set on taking advantage of a bonus offer, simply sign up with a company that is new for you, where you have not yet registered.  There is no restriction in being registered with more than one betting site.  In fact many people hold several different accounts to ensure they can take advantage of the best odds for their picks.

Bonus Offer vs Reduced Juice

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a betting site.  There are no wrong choices from those listed on this site.  If a bonus is important to you that’s great.  But I wanted to present you with the other end of the spectrum so you may fully understand your choices as a consumer.

Bonuses are viewed by online sportsbooks as a marketing cost.  What if you had a sportsbook that decided that they preferred not to spend money on marketing with bonus offers or expensive team sponsorships?  These companies do exist and they are operate as ‘reduced-juice’ sportsbooks.  “Juice” is the profit margin that every betting site builds into their odds.  Reduced-juice sportsbooks do away with many marketing costs and pass the value back to bettors with better odds pricing, hence reduced-juice.

Over time, better paying odds may add up to far more than any signup bonus offer could be worth.  So if you see yourself as a long term player, this actually might be a better fit for you.


Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface in Finnish and English with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top bookmakers, they also offer a cash out feature.  Betway are a great choice for Finland bettors.  Read the Betway Finland review.


BetHard is somewhat unique in that they aim to offer very high odds and offer a welcome bonus.  Most sites choose to try and offer one or the other.  Finland is one of a few key markets for BetHard, so you’ll find Finnish language version and friendly banking methods  Read the BetHard Finland review


Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting.  Find their site in Finnish and English with superior Ice Hockey coverage, even of minor leagues.  If you would like a breadth of sports, not just football, Unibet must be considered heavily.  Read the Unibet Finland review.